Welcome to the Ensign Warehouse!


Ensign Wholesale Floral was founded in 1955. Our ongoing commitment to the floral industry includes our goal to meet all the needs and exceed all the expectations of our customers. We strive to do this by providing the best quality, freshest flowers and largest variety from all over the world. Our slogans are “We have the best flowers from the best farms from all over the world” and “Constant Communication”, we are never satisfied until you are.

In addition to the extensive selection of fresh flowers, Ensign maintains a comprehensive inventory of floral supplies. Vases, containers, foam, ribbon, candles, and general floral tools are just some of the items we keep in stock to accommodate all of your floral needs.


Please call us at 801-359-8746 or email sales@ensignfloral.com and let us know how we can serve you!

Ensign Wholesale Floral is the Salt Lake City-based premier fresh-flower wholesaler, committed to importing the best flowers from the best farms from around the world.