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Tulips are among the most popular spring flowers and are probably the second most popular flowers worldwide next only to Roses. Tulips come in an abundance of colors, varieties, and even in flower shapes.

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 different registered varieties of cultivated Tulips? The majority of the new varieties are first grown and exported from Holland.

Care & Handling

If your Tulips arrive looking soft or limp; just freshen them with a hydration treatment.
Re-cut stems, remove some of the excess foliage, some could have been damaged in shipping, no problem though there is usually plenty of foliage to work with.
If Tulips arrive with bend necks just wrap them in paper, re-cut stems and place them upright in a vase for a couple of hours, keep Tulips away from direct sunlight.
Tulips continue to grow and might grow in all directions, this can be fixed by taking the Tulips out of the vase, re-cut to the desired length, wrap them in paper place in a vessel for a couple of hours and re-use.
In a vase, Tulips continue to grow so some minor design adjustments might need to be made. They may grow as much as an additional inch from the time you put them in water!
Tulips are top-heavy so their natural behavior is for the stems to bend with gravity. Tulips also grow towards the light, adding more potential frustration to the end-user. Again, this is nothing to get alarmed about, and some minor adjustments in design will quickly remedy the situation.
Do not mix Tulips with members of the Narcissus family in the same vase.


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