General info

Peonies, peonies, we’ve got you covered! From a plethora of domestic sources to California, and from Israel and Holland to Chile, we source the entire world to offer an almost year-round program to our valued customers! It’s safe to say that if we don’t have Peonies in stock, they are truly not in production anywhere in the world! Various shades of pink, red, blush pink, even yellow and whites and cremes; Peonies come in many colors.

Care & Handling

When you buy them fresh, Peonies look like big round lollipops when they first arrive. Don’t be alarmed, because this is what Peonies are supposed to look like during the transportation stage, to avoid damage to the blooms during shipping. Treat them properly and Peonies will give you full rewards as you watch the transformation to become fully bloomed Peonies! It depends on the variety and freshness of the product, but this transformation from these round lollipops to fully blooming might only take a few days. So again, don’t be alarmed when Peonies just arrive and they don’t look like exactly what you are hoping the end-result looks like

Upon arrival, remove 2/3 of the foliage and recut each stem immediately and place in slightly warm water (making sure it is not hot!). Make sure there is at least 6 inches of water in the container.
Peonies can be stored dry packed in a box for a period of time (3-5 days) but keep in mind that after a storage period the flowers will open quicker when they are processed.
If the product appears to be slightly limp because of transportation, just wrap the bunches tightly in paper, re-cut the stems and hydrate for 2-3 hours before using.

Note: Peonies consume a lot of water so always keep a close eye on the water level!


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