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It almost seems impossible for the event business not to incorporate some blooming branches. From Forsythia, to Quince, Dogwood and Viburnum, if it needs to be big & bold: think Branches!

Care & Handling

Blooming branches:
As most cut flowers or greens, re-cut stems before placing in water. If you want to open branches quickly place blooming branches in a warm bright spot.
Blooming branches can be stored in the bud stage for a long time if cared for properly. If you need to store, keep the branches in fresh water, fill bucket 2/3 up the bucket (7-gallon buckets) and replace the water every week to avoid bacteria growth.

Pussy Willow:
This largely depends on your intent on how to use your Pussy Willow. If kept in water it will continue to develop through all stages of the natural progression, branches are cut when the catkins are developed, after several weeks if kept indoors the catkins will pollinate and soon after new growth will appear. If want to keep the Pussy Willow in the catkin stage do not hydrate when you receive the product, the branches will dry and will not develop more.

Curly Willow:
These branches will also continue to develop when placed in water, new growth will appear over a  period of time when kept in water. This has its own beauty for a while until the new growth will continue to grow and turn brown at some point.

We carry dozens of different types of branches either blooming or not blooming, many of them have specific characteristics and are in need of special care.

Please contact one of our professionals to find out about specific care of your branches.


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